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From "Sharples, Colin" <>
Subject RE: [workflow] new contributor
Date Wed, 14 Jul 2004 22:04:28 GMT
I have used commons-workflow on a couple of projects - using it right now in fact. I'm using
it for two purposes which are I think a little beyond the original scope:

1) As a lightweight RPC mechanism, to locate and run server activities from any arbitrary
client (e.g. struts action, browser client, or any client capable of consuming XML over HTTP).

2) As a control framework for a Java client, allowing me to reuse presentation tier logic
across multiple channels (e.g. I can re-use non-visual logic process flows in a struts based
web app).

I'm also thinking about working on an editor for composing activity flows, rather than having
to hand edit XML files. I may even end up generating code so that the activities end up as
compiled classes, rather than dynamically constructed from an external definition. I would
be using Eclipse EMF for this part, so I guess this wouldn't end up in Jakarta, but I would
probably make it available through some other means.

Colin Sharples
IBM Business Consulting Services, New Zealand
sharples -at-

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> From: Michael Colbert []
> Sent: Thursday, 15 July 2004 6:47 a.m.
> To:
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> Subject: [workflow] new contributor
> I'd like to volunteer to contribute time and code to the 
> commons-workflow
> project.  I've written two workflow engines in the past two 
> years for two
> seperate organizations and have some new ideas I would like 
> to explore in
> open-source.  I see the commons-workflow project as a good 
> starting point.
> Having said that, I'd like to get a feel for the 
> commons-workflow community. 
> Who is using it?  What are you using it for?  What do you see 
> are the strengths
> and weaknesses of the project as it stands?  How can I help?
> Thanks,
> Mike Colbert
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