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From Chris Lamothe <>
Subject [PATCH][Configuration] - Fixed dependencies in build.xml
Date Tue, 13 Jul 2004 15:17:16 GMT
Commons Configuration does not appear to have anything in the binaries
section, so I tried doing a nightly build yesterday, however it failed
to compile.

I found the following issues in the  "get-deps" target of the build.xml:

1.  It was getting commons-collections-2.1.jar when it required 3.0 or higher
2.  It was not getting spice-jndikit-1.1.jar
3.  It was not getting junit-addons-1.4.jar

Once I resolved the above issues it compiled successfuly.  Please find
attached the updated build.xml, which is also available from

I've made sure to keep the format intact and also tho use as the source for all gets.

This is the first time I contribute to an open source project and
according to the Jakarta Commons site submitting the changed file here
is sufficient.  Please let me know if another process would be more


Christopher Lamothe

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