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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject [math] Ready for 1.0 RC?
Date Sun, 25 Jul 2004 18:41:18 GMT
I have finished with the coding / docs tasks that I thought needed to get 
done before 1.0. There are no open BZ tickets and the reports (checkstyle, 
javadoc, clover) are looking OK.  I regenerated and published the site 
based on the current build this AM. Other than the changes required to get 
the right names associated and cut the release, is there anything else 
that needs to be fixed / completed prior to 1.0?

I am tempted to make one more API change; but am ambivalent about it:
Currently the API for (non-paired) TTests uses a boolean flag to indicate 
whether or not the test is being performed under the hypothesis of equal 
subpopulation variances (homoscedastic test). Recently, [lang] added a 
development guideline to avoid boolean flags in APIs.  I thought about 
splitting the homoscedastic tests out (as I did the paired tests); but 
decided not to (partly because of the long name and proliferation of 
methods).  Does anyone feel strongly that this should be changed?


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