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From Dennis Lundberg <>
Subject Re: [any] NoClassDefFoundError trying to build with Maven 1.0
Date Sun, 25 Jul 2004 10:11:58 GMT
Did you remember to erase the .maven folder in your home directory? A 
common cause for trouble is having files there from an older version of 

I did this on my machine:
- Delete %USER_HOME%\.maven
- Install Maven 1.0 final
- cvs update on
   + jakarta-commons/commons-build
   + jakarta-commons/logging
- Run "maven clean dist" in logging

It works fine.

Dennis Lundberg

Martin Cooper wrote:
> So I installed Maven 1.0 on a clean machine, and now any Commons
> component I try to build fails with a NoClassDefFoundError,
> complaining about a missing MethodInvocationException from Velocity.
> I checked the maven-user archives, and all I can find is a message
> from jvz saying to add the Velocity jar as a dependency in
> project.xml. This doesn't sound right, because I can't believe that
> all of the components I've tried to build so far are missing the exact
> same change in their project.xml file, and I haven't seen anyone else
> griping about this problem here, so other people must have it working.
> Obviously I'm missing something else. Can someone clue me in?
> TIA.
> --
> Martin Cooper
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