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From Craig McClanahan <>
Subject Re: [Commons-Email] where are the nightlybuilds?
Date Fri, 09 Jul 2004 18:37:05 GMT
Joe Germuska wrote:

> At 9:36 AM +0100 7/9/04, Michael Davey wrote:
>> Craig McClanahan wrote:
>> [snip]
>>> I'd be happy to add this to my nightly script, except that there is 
>>> no build.xml file present.  The [email] developers can have Maven 
>>> generate one for them, by typing "maven ant" and then checking it in.
>>> Be aware, if you do this, that some variants of Maven generate 
>>> absolute paths for some of the property settings in the generated 
>>> build.xml file -- you might want to go through by hand and fix those 
>>> before doing the checkin.
>> Created bug 29995 for this: 
> The hitch here is that commons-email depends on some Sun JARs which 
> Maven can't get. (javamail and JAF).
> I have a work around, but it involves manual edits to the generated 
> build.xml.  Craig, do you need a file named "build.xml" or just an ANT 
> build file?
My current mechanism requires the name to actually be "build.xml".

However, I should be able to override the "libdir" property to point at 
a directory in which I've already downloaded the necessary JARs, without 
modifying the generated build.xml file itself.  I'll try that this 


> If you can accept an ANT build file with an alternate name, I'd prefer 
> to commit the generated file as "nightly-build.xml" or something, so 
> that anyone who re-generates the file with Maven won't overwrite the 
> manual edits.  Of course, it will also require a file 
> pointing to those two jars.  (or "" if we 
> change the name...)
> Joe

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