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From Craig McClanahan <>
Subject Re: [general] release instructions
Date Mon, 05 Jul 2004 23:45:40 GMT
Eric Pugh wrote:

>configuration has a build.xml that is periodically spit out using the Maven
>Ant goal, however, it then requires massaging and therefore never seems to
>keep up with the Maven build..   I believe that it exists only for the
>nightly build, is that correct?
>I guess I'm asking:
>1) What is required to get configuration to participate in the nightly
>2) What is required to get configuration to participate in the gump build?

This reply is tremendously out of date (sorry ... I've been travelling 
and heads-down for the last couple of months, and am only just getting 
back to Apache stuff) ... but here's the skinny on commons nightly builds.

- They run on my home desktop nightly, and get uploaded.
  (I would heartily support a migration of this to some Apache
  sponsored hardware somewhere, especially if others would
  then be involved in maintaining the build scripts).

- My current build scripts require that "ant clean dist" (using a
  relatively recent Ant) works correctly, and builds a "dist"
  directory whose contents are what should be in a binary

- In turn, that means a project must either use Ant as its primary
  build tool, or use Maven to regenerate a build.xml that works
  correctly whenever an incompatible change is made.

As of this morning when I tried, running "ant dist" on the build.xml for 
configuration still fails trying to find class 
"" -- implying that perhaps 
your project.xml file is pointing at an incorrect version of Commons 
Collections (although I would have thought that would make your Maven 
based builds fail as well.

Further, I could not even use "maven ant" myself to regenerate a 
build.xml file (simply to see if that was the only cause of the 
problem).  I get a bunch of errors of the general form:

  Invalid Redirect URI from: 

The bottom line is that I'd be happy to add "configuration" to the set 
of nightly commons builds, but I need a build.xml file that works to 
make that happen.

Craig McClanahan

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