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From "Baum, Karl" <>
Subject RE: commons cache
Date Mon, 19 Jul 2004 13:16:10 GMT
Hi Emmanuel.  I read over your emails and it sounds like we are both on
the same page with the caching abstraction project.  You have put way
more thought into it than me, and your ideas sound great.  I am
surprised others are not on board.  

Is there any way we can get some kind of formal decision out of the
commons-dev community?  Should Emmanuel take his idea elsewhere?  It
would be a shame because I really think this project would benefit from
the jakarta commons name.

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From: Emmanuel Bourg [] 
Sent: Monday, July 19, 2004 7:18 AM
To: Jakarta Commons Developers List
Subject: Re: commons cache

Hi Karl, thank you for bringing this topic back up, I suggested the same

thing earlier this year (see 
but didn't receive much feedback. I have an implementation supporting 
EHCache, JCS, OSCache and SwarmCache, I intended to host it on 
SourceForge once the work on commons-configuration 1.0 is done 
(, but if the commons 
community supports this idea I'll be glad to bring the code back here 
and start a proposal for a sandbox component.

Is there any interest in such a component among the jakarta-commons 
developpers ?

Emmanuel Bourg

Baum, Karl wrote:

> Hi.  I am new to this list and have joined to ask some questions
> regarding the commons caching subproject.  I think there is a definite
> need in the java community for a thin wrapper around caching
> implementations such as EHCache, JCS, or SwarmCache.  This wrapper
> wrap cache implementations the way commons logging wrapped logging
> implementations.  I looked at the commons caching page and there is
> little explanation of the purpose of the project aside from the name.
> The project almost seems like yet another caching implementation in
> itself, not a thin wrapper  (I could be wrong though since I just
> quickly looked it over.).  
> I am wondering what the aim of commons caching is and if it's still
> actively being developed?  Thanks.
> Karl

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