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From "Niall Pemberton" <>
Subject [beanutils] LazyDynaClass and LazyDynaBean Bug [29879]
Date Fri, 02 Jul 2004 15:27:44 GMT
I created a bugzilla enhacement request (with code)  Bug [29879] to add
LazyDynaBean and LazyDynaClass to beanutils - I don't know if the problem is
my end but I didn't see the usual emails arrive on this list so I thought I
would post this as well.

I developed "Lazy" implementations of DynaBean and DynaClass and they have
been available for people to download from my web site for a while - would
there be any interest in having them in beanutils?

LazyDynaClass is an implementation of the MutableDynaClass interface that
allows the properties of a DynaClass to be changed.

LazyDynaBean must be used in conjunction with a MutableDynaClass and
automatically adds properties when its set() methods are called if the
property doesn't exist. The versions available on my web site only dealt
with "simple" properties, but I now have a version that caters for indexed
and mapped properties as well.

This version automatically instantiates a Map when a mapped property is set
that doesn't exist.

It also instantiates either a List or Array when an indexed property is set
that doesn't exist and automatically "grows" the List or Array so that it is
big enough to cater for the index being set.

Quite a few people seem to be using them now and I've had good feedback.

I'm not sure of the Commons "etiquette" here - I was recently voted a
Commons committer for the Validation project - but I guess I don't have
karma for beanutils and even if I have, houldn't just plough in adding stuff
without the existing Beanutils commiters say so?


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