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From "Steven Caswell" <>
Subject RE: [lang] Stopwatch improvements
Date Mon, 19 Jul 2004 00:24:51 GMT
I think it makes sense to be able to stop from suspend. That would give the
caller the most options. Otherwise, if the stopwatch were suspended, you'd
have to restart it before stopping, which would change the time of the
stopwatch. Being able to stop while suspended means you can stop from
suspend without the time changing, but a caller could still resume and then
stop if they wanted that functionality.

For reset when state is running or split, I think that should not be
allowed. I think the stopwatch can only be reset if the stopwatch is
stopped. That keeps the methods cleaner while still providing the necessary

Steven Caswell
Sun Certified Java Programmer
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> From: Henri Yandell [] 
> Sent: Sunday, July 18, 2004 6:43 PM
> To: 'Jakarta Commons Developers List'
> Subject: [lang] Stopwatch improvements
> I've put in the suggested state for the Stopwatch class into 
> the Bugzilla
> issue:
> One major issue is that it changes the functionality of 
> Stopwatch quite a lot, so I suspect that it should be held 
> back for 3.0.
> Opinions very welcome, on both the state suggestion and 
> whether it should be held for 3.0.
> Hen
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