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From Leo Sutic <>
Subject [VOTE][Sandbox/Attributes] Promotion to commons proper
Date Sat, 12 Jun 2004 18:33:29 GMT

the Commons-Attributes project in the sandbox - an attempt at bringing
annotations to pre-1.5 Java - has grown to a point where it is ready
for promotion and release. It is used by, among others:

    + The Spring Framework (
    + ACEGI Security System (
    + AltRMI (

On the point of developer community, however, there is still just one
person doing the vast majority of coding - me. However, this appears
to be caused by C-A doing what people want it to do, and therefore
there is little motivation to dive in.

A promotion would make C-A more visible and move it closer to an
official release that is sorely needed by the projects currently
depending on 2.0alpha or snapshots. Note however that this vote is not
a vote for release. Only for promotion.

Promote Attributes from sandbox to commons proper.

Starting with my own: +1


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