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From "Rami Ojares" <>
Subject Re: [vfs][all][poll]regular expression library or jdk1.4 as minimum requirement
Date Fri, 18 Jun 2004 00:36:16 GMT

> Since the whole point of the VFS discussion appears to be to support
> users who aren't using J2SE 1.4, all you have to do is use the syntax
> subset shared by Perl5 and java.util.regex, which is rather rich and
> useful.  Anyway, that's my take given my understanding of what's being
> discussed.

I am using \Q \E for quoting segments that should not be considered regexes.
Then I use ((?<!^)|[^/])\\Q**\\E((?!$)|[^/]) construct when looking for
illegal patterns. (this means you can only have 2 stars in a row if they
are delimited by
- start of pattern OR slash
- end of pattern OR slash
Do these things work in all different regex flavors?
And if not then how can I do it otherwise?

- rami

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