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From Robert McIntosh <>
Subject [OT] looking for project interest
Date Fri, 18 Jun 2004 20:15:39 GMT
Please excuse the off topic of this, but I am looking for community 
interest in a new persistence engine. I've floated the idea to the 
incubator list and it was suggested that getting some more ASF community 
interest would be a benefit before being accepted for incubation.

The project is called Chameleon and it is a general persistence engine. It 
can do O/R mapping, but that is only part of its capabilities. More 
details can be found at:

which has some rational, why and how it is different than the typical O/R 
tool, some samples, etc. The docs there are a work in progress, so they 
may not be complete in some areas.
The current state of the project is that it is being used in one 
production application, and has gone a bit of a refactor after that app 
went in to production. The basics are in place with basic O/R 
capabilities. It still needs the XML, remote servers, web services, and 
bunch of other stuff done (there is a roadmap on the site listed).

As stated on the site, the goal is not to become another O/R tool, but to 
expand persistence capabilities beyond persisting business objects to 
relational databases. 

There are currently two other developers who have expressed interest in 
contibuting once it is accepted (assuming it gets accepted that is :-)

I'll be happy to answer any questions of course...

Robert McIntosh 

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