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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: documentation or site (was Re: [all] site generation)
Date Thu, 24 Jun 2004 08:53:27 GMT
This raises the problem of documentation vs site... maven has happily 
brought this together whereas this is indeed a problem.

The case where this was observed was: jelly when checked-out over cvs, 
can't perform the dist goal, because it needs resources of 
commons-build as this is needed to build the site. However, a dist goal 
should be able to actually produce an amount of document on the version 

Moreover, the documentation available through the web should, I 
believe, also be made in several versions, at least it's the case for 
major things like Tomcat.

So... should we not try to separate the two ?


On 23-Jun-04, at 22:21 Uhr, Stephen Colebourne wrote:
>>> Usually you run Maven locally and upload the site manually. I'm not 
>>> sure
>>> anyone is running a cron for it, and I'd recommend not doing so 
>>> because
>>> the published site ends up in line with CVS and not with your latest
>>> stable release. User's then get very confused.
>> You are right, only the developpement pages should be refreshed then
>> (changes, commits, activity, tests...). The documentation should stick
>> to the latest stable release. I have no idea how to achieve this with
>> Maven though ;)
> See [collections]. The maven.xml has a full script for building 
> javadoc of
> old versions (tested on Maven RC1). The navigation.xml has explicit 
> links to
> each of the generated javadocs.

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