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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject [betwixt] release plan for 0.5
Date Wed, 02 Jun 2004 20:08:56 GMT
as outlined in the roadmap (see, it seems right to 
produce a stable but limited 0.5 release based on the 1.0 alpha design. 
in other words, before the refactoring branch is merged in. this will 
be a baseline release, intended to allow users of the alpha and of 
hand-rolled snapshots to upgrade to a full release.

given the renewed development interest about betwixt, i think that it's 
important to take a branch and cut this release as soon as possible. 
this will allow improvements to be made to HEAD and also for the 
refactoring branch to be merged into HEAD sometime soon (but probably 
after the upcoming digester release).

i am willing to act as release manager. i've outlined a release plan on 
the wiki 
please feel free to chip in with comments (either on the wiki or the 
mailing list) but be quick since i'll probably move towards a formal 
vote for the plan in the next day or two.

- robert

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