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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: [logging] after 1.0.4: unfinished business
Date Mon, 21 Jun 2004 21:11:31 GMT

On 21 Jun 2004, at 21:47, Gary Gregory wrote:

> [snip]
>> memory log
>> ----------
>> i quite like this idea but it's not really a major feature. i'm
>> inclined to try to keep the core jar small by creating another
> optional
>> jar called loggers containing loggers which are less likely to be
> used.
>> the distribution would contain both jars. maybe avalon log could be
>> moved there too.
> [snip]
> From our product's POV, I've always used CL as a thin wrapper to log4j
> with the remote possibility that we will switch to JDK 1.4 logging when
> we move from Java 1.3 to 1.4.
> I have no pb with useful stuff being the jar but it sounds like some of
> these are new features that are not in the "wrapper" dept, which argues
> to me for putting it in a separate jar.
> Then there are questions like: should the "memory log" really be in CL
> as opposed to logj4?

that's a good question :)

the binary distribution is now quite large (due to the improved, 
mavenized documentation). so, as long as the actual core jar stays 
small, i'm a lot happier adding new loggers to an optional jar if 
there's a good chance that people would find them useful but i'd be 
interested to hear other people's opinions on this one...

- robert

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