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From (Jeffrey D. Brekke)
Subject Re: [net] Javadoc question
Date Tue, 29 Jun 2004 14:17:58 GMT

Probably my fault back when we changed package names.  Sorry about that.

>>>>> On Sun, 27 Jun 2004 23:51:45 -0400, "Daniel F. Savarese" <>

> In message <>, Steve Cohen
> writes:
>> These broken links are almost all of the following form
>> <a href = "">
>> Of course, these won't work.
>> Can someone help me answer these questions?
>> How did they ever work?  Is this the result of some global search
>> and replace gone awry?  What is the "right" way to express such
>> links in javadoc?  Relative paths?  is

> Before there was ever a link tag, JDK 1.1 javadoc generated files of
> the form packagename.classname.html The only way to reference them
> was directly.  Somewhere in the migration process from NetComponents
> to Commons Net, the links must have been overlooked, but got the
> in them from a substitution to fix up the
> package names.  It should be easy enough to do a find src/ -name
> "*.java" -print | xargs \ perl -pi -e
> 's/<a\s+href="([^"]+)\.html">/{\@link $1}/g' \ -e
> 's/<a\s+href="([^"]+)\.html(#[^"]+)">/{\@link $1$2}/g' to fix most
> of it up.  The substitution expressions are off the top of my head
> and surely need tweaking; they also generate fully qualified class
> names.  If you want, I can fix it up.

> daniel

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