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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: [betwixt] XDoclet Integration
Date Mon, 21 Jun 2004 21:53:52 GMT

On 21 Jun 2004, at 09:45, Konstantin Priblouda wrote:

>> the wiki might be good for this purpose (since it's
>> easier to post code
>> up than by attachment to an email).
> your place or our place?

we need more content so :)

it can be easily moved somewhere else later.

i've create the basic page but please everyone just dive in with ideas 
(and please correct anything i've got wrong).

(another reason is that we might just be able to coral some more 
volunteers into joining the effort.)

>> this would mean that there'd be no reason why we
>> couldn't have
>> implementations for both versions (provided that
>> there are developers
>> keen to write them).
> It's OK to have 2 versions. From my point of view, I
> stopped to use xdoclet-1.2 adn moved everything to 2.0
> ( but EJB people would have hard time, as nobody from
> xdoclet 2 plugin developers uses EJB anymore )
> so there are oeople whoi is going to stay with 1.2 for
> a while...
> I think ( for xdoclet 2 )  betwixt plugin shall be
> located in xdoclet repository , because of dependency
> to qtags plugin.

fair enough. we'd probably want to put a link on our website. what's 
your preferred mailing list? (just in case people get round to feeding 
patches for extra mappings through.)

- robert

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