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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject [logging] after 1.0.4: unfinished business
Date Sun, 20 Jun 2004 21:19:14 GMT
when i was cutting 1.0.4, i proposed leaving some unresolved issues  
until after the release. so, now seems like a good time to get on top  
of them.

please feel free to dive in and comment (that's why i've left space :)

memory log

i quite like this idea but it's not really a major feature. i'm  
inclined to try to keep the core jar small by creating another optional  
jar called loggers containing loggers which are less likely to be used.  
the distribution would contain both jars. maybe avalon log could be  
moved there too.

fallback to class classloader

as i've put in bugzilla, i'm still believe that using the classloader  
is the right thing to do. however, this is a very frequent user  
question and i'd probably be inclined to retry the class classloader if  
the context classloader does not contain a compatible class. off hand,  
i can't think times that this would make things worse for the user but  
maybe i've missed something...


i'm inclined to support some variant of this but as an optional logger  
(see above).

- robert

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