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From Oliver Heger <>
Subject Re: [configuration] PropertiesConfiguration vs. DOM.*Configuration
Date Mon, 14 Jun 2004 08:47:26 GMT
Of course the API should be consistent, so I am +1 for the proposed changes.

Using a Reader or an InputStream might not be sufficient in all cases, 
especially for the XML configurations. Then the XML parser would have 
trouble resolving external entities.

There were suggestions to introduce a generic mechanism to find 
configuration files, a kind of Locator interface with different 
implementations for retrieving data from the file system, the classpath 
or whatever. I think after the 1.0 release we will go in this direction.


Tim O'Brien schrieb:

> DOM4JConfiguration and DOMConfiguration each have two constructors which
> take a parameter.  One takes a File and the other takes a resource name as a
> String.
> PropertiesConfiguration has one constructor which takes a parameter, and it
> is a String representing a file name.
> Anyone have any objections to bringing PropertiesConfiguration into sync
> with the two XMLConfiguration implementations?  In other words,
> PropertiesConfiguration should have a constructor which takes a File and a
> constructor which takes a String resource name.
> Alternatively, why not have all Configuration implementations just take a
> Reader?
> Tim

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