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From Mikhail Krivoshein <>
Subject Re: [DbUtils] Retrieving Auto Generated Keys
Date Wed, 02 Jun 2004 12:22:19 GMT

>>I dislike idea to implement independant set of query methods named 
>>insert because JDBC doesn't do that.
>>And unfornutatly there is no way to implement Object 
>>getGeneratedKeys(ResultSetHandler rsh) because
>>update closes statement object.
>Passing a ResultSetHandler into the update() methods to deal with primary
>keys seems reasonable.
So what id your decision? Do you plan to update code with my changes?

>>Looking forward for comments.
>>Also I'd like to ask David about JDBC 3.0 support. How do you plan to 
>>support JDBC 3.0 features in DbUtils?
>What features specifically do you need support for?  
I just want to know you opinion about how to deal with them. At this 
moment I need getGeneratedKeys() only.
But who knows that happens later?

>I want to keep the releases and builds as simple as possible.  That's why
>we use Proxies for the JDBC interfaces (which are incompatible between
>versions) instead of concrete implementations:
Looks like I misunderstand you here.

Best regards,
Mikhail Krivoshein


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