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From "matthew.hawthorne" <>
Subject Re: [lang] Re: cvs commit: jakarta-commons/lang/src/java/org/apache/commons/lang
Date Tue, 01 Jun 2004 23:22:25 GMT
Gary Gregory wrote:
> Sorry for the flame but this is a 'shake-my-head-in-disbelief' moment
> that I find discouraging. 

I pretty much agree, but from my POV [lang] stopped moving forward a 
while ago anyway.  Most new requests
or ideas are rejected as "out of scope" (which is usually valid), and 
the project has shifted into
maintenance mode.  Along with this came a certain identity crisis, and 
that's why the cut-and-paste
philosophy came along.

As another example, I've never even liked the public constructor in 
*Utils classes, even though I understand why it's
done.  Helping and supporting users is important, but I think there is a 
certain line that has to be drawn.
I think that developers should have the freedom to make classes and 
methods final where appropriate,
and make other design decisions that may limit the possible uses of the 
library.  In losing that ability, I believe that
the quality of the code suffers.  And for someone like me, it makes me 
less motivated to become involved or share ideas.

I may be dead wrong, these are just some feelings that I have.

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