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From Dirk Verbeeck <>
Subject Re: [site] main + sandbox site update
Date Tue, 01 Jun 2004 21:06:09 GMT
The css only contains a max height for the header so the header will 

But to support small screens I just added a small javascript to switch 
  logo if window size < 850.
Larger browser windows or browsers with javascript disabled get the 
wide version.

Result can be seen/tested here:

And to make testing easier:

Please test & report browser problems.

-- Dirk

Mark R. Diggory wrote:

> Please review the discussion we had previously on this...
> This is the reason we settled on the selected logo's, because it was of 
> less overall impact on the group and accomplished our goals of 
> maintaining the site fits within 600x800 as a standard.
> Just to point out, with your changes, the height of the header is not 
> going to adjust to be narrower because all the individual project logos 
> are at 80px height, having the jakarta logo narrower than 80px in height 
> is of little benefit, your going to have to press every single project 
> to generate new logos that are narrower in height so that the whole 
> header is narrower. The downfall of this is that these logos are already 
> hard-pressed for space to fit adequately within the header without 
> looking totally "crunched".
> If your using the /commons-build/commons-site.jsl. It has the height of 
> the header hardcoded in the css style to enforce that the same height is 
> maintained across the whole commons. It doesn't look like your using it 
> for the sandbox site. I'm not complaining, just noticing that theres a 
> difference, there are modifications in the commons-build jsl that are 
> absent form the sandbox copy.
> I'm not trying to be argumentative. We definitely need this kind of 
> experimentation and redesign efforts done to the overall site. I think 
> everyone agrees these efforts are very appreciated. I just want us to be 
> methodical and consensus driven in our approach.
> -Mark

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