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Subject cvs commit: jakarta-commons/httpclient/xdocs authentication.xml
Date Tue, 29 Jun 2004 20:16:16 GMT
olegk       2004/06/29 13:16:16

  Modified:    httpclient/xdocs authentication.xml
  Added a section on alternate authentication
  Contributed by Michael Becke & Oleg Kalnichevski
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.12      +22 -9     jakarta-commons/httpclient/xdocs/authentication.xml
  Index: authentication.xml
  RCS file: /home/cvs/jakarta-commons/httpclient/xdocs/authentication.xml,v
  retrieving revision 1.11
  retrieving revision 1.12
  diff -u -r1.11 -r1.12
  --- authentication.xml	12 Jun 2004 22:47:23 -0000	1.11
  +++ authentication.xml	29 Jun 2004 20:16:15 -0000	1.12
  @@ -49,11 +49,6 @@
   <source>Credentials defaultcreds = new UsernamePasswordCredentials("username", "password");
   client.getState().setCredentials(new AuthScope("myhost", 80, AuthScope.ANY_REALM), defaultcreds);</source>
  -	<p>To enable preemptive authentication by default for all newly created
  -    <tt>HttpState</tt>'s, a system property can be set, as shown below.</p>
  -		<source>setSystemProperty(Authenticator.PREEMPTIVE_PROPERTY, "true");</source>
   		<p>The preemptive authentication in HttpClient conforms to rfc2617:</p>
   		<blockquote>A client SHOULD assume that all paths at or deeper than the depth
  @@ -95,9 +90,7 @@
   		authentication with the exception that the credentials for each are
   		stored independantly.  So for proxy authentication you must use
   		<code>setProxyCredentials(AuthScope authscope, Credentials cred)</code> and
  -		<code>getProxyCredentials(AuthScope authscope)</code>.  As with server
  -		authentication, passing <code>null</code> as the realm sets or returns
  -		the default credentials.</p>
  +		<code>getProxyCredentials(AuthScope authscope)</code>.</p>
   	<section name="Authentication Schemes">
  @@ -176,6 +169,26 @@
         <p>For a detailed explanation of how NTLM authentication works, please see
         <a href=""></a>.</p>
  +    </subsection>
  +    <subsection name="Alternate authentication">
  +      <p>Some servers support multiple schemes for authenticating users. 
  +        Given that only one scheme may be used at a time for authenticating, HttpClient
  +        must choose which scheme to use.  To accompish this, HttpClient uses an order of

  +        preference to select the correct authentication scheme. By default
  +        this order is: NTLM, Digest, Basic. 
  +      </p>
  +      <p>In certain cases it may be desirable to change this default. The 
  +        default preference of the authentication schemes may be altered using the
  +        'http.auth.scheme-priority' parameter. The parameter value is expected to be a
  +        of Strings containing names of authentication schemes in descending order of
  +        preference.
  +      </p>
  +<source>HttpClient client = new HttpClient();
  +List authPrefs = new ArrayList(2);
  +// This will exclude the NTLM authentication scheme
  +client.getParams().setParameter(AuthPolicy.AUTH_SCHEME_PRIORITY, authPrefs);</source>

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