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From "Daniel F. Savarese" <>
Subject Re: [net] Javadoc question
Date Mon, 28 Jun 2004 03:51:45 GMT

In message <>, Steve Cohen writes:
>These broken links are almost all of the following form
><a href = "">
>Of course, these won't work.  
>Can someone help me answer these questions?
>How did they ever work?  
>Is this the result of some global search and replace gone awry?
>What is the "right" way to express such links in javadoc?  Relative paths?  is

Before there was ever a link tag, JDK 1.1 javadoc generated files of the
form packagename.classname.html  The only way to reference them was directly.
Somewhere in the migration process from NetComponents to Commons Net, the
links must have been overlooked, but got the in
them from a substitution to fix up the package names.  It should be easy
enough to do a
find src/ -name "*.java" -print | xargs \
  perl -pi -e 's/<a\s+href="([^"]+)\.html">/{\@link $1}/g' \
           -e 's/<a\s+href="([^"]+)\.html(#[^"]+)">/{\@link $1$2}/g'
to fix most of it up.  The substitution expressions are off the top of my
head and surely need tweaking; they also generate fully qualified class names.
If you want, I can fix it up.


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