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From "Daniel F. Savarese" <>
Subject Re: [vfs][all][poll][RESULT] regular expression library or jdk1.4 as minimum requirement
Date Tue, 15 Jun 2004 21:33:51 GMT

In message <>, Mario Ivankovits writes:
>jakarta-oro seems a very powerfull solution, but even if is intentaion 
>was only to be an interface - its size has reached 100K - i already hear 

I made the change to PatternMatchingEngineFactory we discussed (use
Class.forName() for all of the default engines) and changed build.xml
to generate the following jars.  I also turned debug info off which
reduces the jar file size, since that appears to be something people
care about.  This is what's generated by the jar target on the head

-rw-------    1 dfs         76246 Jun 15 17:27 jakarta-oro-2.1-dev-1.jar
-rw-------    1 dfs         18124 Jun 15 17:27 jakarta-oro-awk-2.1-dev-1.jar
-rw-------    1 dfs         12296 Jun 15 17:27 jakarta-oro-core-2.1-dev-1.jar
-rw-------    1 dfs          3040 Jun 15 17:27 jakarta-oro-glob-2.1-dev-1.jar
-rw-------    1 dfs          4742 Jun 15 17:27 jakarta-oro-java-2.1-dev-1.jar
-rw-------    1 dfs         27522 Jun 15 17:27 jakarta-oro-perl5-2.1-dev-1.jar
-rw-------    1 dfs         14935 Jun 15 17:27 jakarta-oro-util-2.1-dev-1.jar

There can be further subdivisions.  For example, Perl5Util and company
(as well as Perl5Debug) can be broken out of perl5 or put into the -util
package since they aren't part of the Perl5 engine.  That can be done if
jar size is a concern, but -perl5 seems to be where people would expect
to find those classes.


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