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Subject [Jakarta Commons Wiki] New: BeanUtils/1.7.1ReleasePlan
Date Tue, 08 Jun 2004 20:14:38 GMT
   Date: 2004-06-08T13:14:38
   Editor: RobertBurrellDonkin <>
   Wiki: Jakarta Commons Wiki
   Page: BeanUtils/1.7.1ReleasePlan

   Added new release plan for 1.7.1

New Page:

= Release Plan For BeanUtils 1.7.1 =

== Background ==

This is a bug fix/enhancement release designed to follow up on 1.7.0. 1.7.0 is primarily a
service release for downstream users. It will allows users to deploy versions of beanutils
which are compatible with both 2.x and 3.x. As such, it is important that the 1.7.0 is as
stable as possible. Therefore, rather than fixing bugs and adding enhancements (and risk introducing
new ones) the bug fixes and enhancements planned to ship with 1.7.0 will instead ship in a
1.7.1 release.

The release is still in the advanced planning stage.


= Pre Release Tasks =

== Bean Collections ==

=== Web Site ===

 * Create basic website ''DONE''
 * Basic integrate with BeanUtils ''DONE''
 * Create unified site and build

=== Source ===

 * Review names for methods and classes

=== Documentation ===

 * Review documentation to ensure that those classes in bean-collections are clear
 * Add documentation on any classes in bean-collections which have not been covered already
 * Ensure bean-collections classes are properly javadoc'd

== Beanification ==

 * Review method names and accessibility for new method
 * Deprecate methods (or possibly have a future deprecation release)
 * Think about introducing abstract classes for the beans

== Collections Compatibility ==

 * Create unit tests to make sure that BeanUtils works with collections 2.1 and collections
3.0 in the classpath.

== LocaleBeanUtils ==

Improve documentation

== General ==

=== Bug Review ===

Review current bugs:

19781 Nor NEW PropertyUtils.copyProperties throws exceptions contrary to 

21618 Nor NEW MappedPropertyDescriptor requires more permissions than nece 

23108 Nor NEW Setting complex mapped properties using PropertyUtils 

23383 Nor NEW MappedPropertyDescriptor broken 

23815 Nor REOP PropertyUtils.getNestedProperty() doesn't allow getXxxx on M 

24941 Nor ASSI LocaleBeanUtils.populate() doesn't accept localized input ma 

25539 Nor NEW Using copyProperties and SQL Dates 

26904 Nor NEW (g|s)etSimpleProperty fails when passing a Map 

27381 Nor NEW Bean Utilities: add BeanComparator.equals() 

27633 Nor NEW java.lang.IllegalArgumentException in BeanUtils.copyProperti 

27760 Nor NEW MappedPropertyDescriptor wont recognize boolean property acc 

27809 Nor NEW [bean] DecimalLocaleConverter is not thread-safe 

27965 Nor NEW Writing to a mapped property requires a setter for a map, bu 

28254 Nor NEW getIndexedProperty problems on JDK 1.4.1 

28358 Nor NEW Problems on indexed property with JDK 1.4 

28684 Nor NEW BigDecimalLocaleConverter seems not working as designed 

28813 Nor NEW Can't use . (dot) in mapped properties for setProperty or ge 

18811 Min NEW Misleading error message in ConvertingWrapDynaBean 

29203 Min NEW Indexed properties with Array type cause IllegalArgumentExce 

7135 Enh REOP [beanutils] Misleading error message when beaninfo class con 

7226 Enh REOP Nested Bean Collection 

10319 Enh NEW Instantiate property if null in form bean 

13743 Enh REOP Need getPropertyType(Class theClass, String propName) 

15451 Enh REOP Multiple mapped properties not possible / Direct maps and in 

16038 Enh REOP [beanutils] LocaleBeanUtils.copyProperties() does not use Lo

16525 Enh REOP BeanUtils.setProperty is over-zealous at converting types 

17002 Enh REOP Problem with index property 

17501 Enh NEW Add dynamic discovery of mapped properties to PropertyUtils 

18087 Enh NEW Add BeanFactory class for dynamic factories. 

18942 Enh NEW Add "t/f" to BooleanConverter 

19857 Enh NEW Methods ConvertUtilsBean.convert could check for converters 

20027 Enh NEW ConvertUtils enhancements 

20520 Enh NEW [beanutils] MethodUtils: Need easy way to invoke static meth 

20549 Enh NEW Handling of exceptions thrown during BeanUtils.populate 

20686 Enh NEW register converters by both target class and source class 

20836 Enh NEW Localizing beanutils 

20968 Enh NEW [PATCH] Include bean getClass in PropertyUtilsBean Exception 

21076 Enh NEW Add "aggressive" mode for BeanUtils.copyProperty() 

21483 Enh NEW BeanUtils and PropertyUtils toString function (code included 

21693 Enh NEW copyProperties method should not exit as soon as it gets Exc 

24185 Enh NEW Enhancement to ResultSetDynaClass to allow case-insensitive 

27074 Enh NEW Add nullate utilities

That's a lot of bugs!

Analyse them into groups:

Exception handling:
  19781 27633 27633

Bean Query Language

Mapped Properties
  23383 26904 27809 28813

Think About
  23815 28254 28358


To Disprove (with unit test)

To Be Fixed (Probables)

To Be Fixed
  21618 27381 27809 28684

=== Bug Fix ===

Fix any bugs highlighted by the review.

Fixed: 21618 27381 27809 

=== Check Compatibility ===

This release should be binary compatible with the last 1.6.1 release.


= Release Plan =

== CVS ==

No branch will be needed for release since commons-beanutils is stable.

== Release Notes ==

These will be prepared in the traditional fashion.

== Release Candidate ==

A release candidate will be prepared but most likely the VOTE will be proceeded to as soon
as this is done.


Up to BeanUtils

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