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From "Rich Wertz" <>
Subject [Validator] Field class
Date Sun, 06 Jun 2004 18:21:33 GMT
Recent validator DTDs indicate that each field element may have any number
of child msg elements with optional attributes bundle and resource and
required attributes key and name.  Why then does the Field class not provide
any accessor methods for retrieving Msg objects that have been associated
with a particular field?  The current getMsg() implementation returns only a
String, even though an addMsg(Msg) method is provided.  Shouldn't messages
be handled by the Field class in a manner more consistent with its handling
of Args?  

The primary use case needs driving these questions are 1) to be able to
extract key, name, bundle, and resource y/n information for a particular
message belonging to a field and, 2) to retrieve multiple messages from a
particular field.  I believe that this functionality would be particularly
useful in situations where the validator is used as a standalone validation
framework by applications, since it allows for more flexibility when
analyzing ValidatorResult instances.      



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From: Ted Husted [] 
Sent: Sunday, June 06, 2004 7:39 AM
To: Jakarta Commons Developers List
Subject: [Validator] Ted Husted as Committer

The few remaining issues against Validator seem to have fixes and patches
that I could apply. I'd like to resolve these issues and then roll the 1.3.1

Accordingly, I'd like to nominate myself as a Validator Committer.  

Here's my +1 for me :) 


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