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From David Graham <>
Subject Re: [DbUtils] QueryRunner.executeAction(s) - Inversion of Control pattern applied
Date Fri, 04 Jun 2004 20:50:22 GMT

--- Mikhail Krivoshein <> wrote:
> Well, am I right that you dislike this idea?

There are two ideas right?  An update transaction API and a bundling of
queries API.  I don't believe DbUtils adds value by obscuring the standard
JDBC transaction system.  I also don't believe that DbUtils can be as
flexible as needed for complex transactions.  Remember, the scope of
DbUtils is to make common JDBC usage simple, not to support complex
transaction logic.

Bundling of queries doesn't make a whole lot of sense because you can
already either:
1.  Call query() for each SQL query.  Using connections from a pool is
quite fast.

2.  Pass a Connection into query() and reuse that same Connection for
subsequent calls.


> Best regards,
> Mikhail Krivoshein

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