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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: documentation or site (was Re: [all] site generation)
Date Thu, 24 Jun 2004 23:50:30 GMT
Quoting Paul Libbrecht <>:

> This raises the problem of documentation vs site... maven has happily 
> brought this together whereas this is indeed a problem.

I'd like to follow this discussion from a general point of view as this is
something we've long wanted to resolve in Maven itself. I see there are a few
more responses which I'll have to read through later, but generally I think that
site should = documentation (although different formats should be available),
but that release-dependant doco (eg release notes, javadocs and other reports)
needs to be separated from release-independant doco (eg FAQ). This means that
you can maintain differing websites for the last release versus up to date

One trick is that some things are not clearly one or the other (eg installation
instructions are not really release dependant, but can change over time). I'd be
inclined to keep such things as release-independant and start adding notes to
the document about features only in version X or things that are deprecated and
will soon be removed.

If you have any ideas about this where Maven can help - shoot them across to the
Maven dev list.


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