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From Maxwell Grender-Jones <>
Subject [dbcp] [PATCH] Fix for blank username/password handling
Date Wed, 23 Jun 2004 17:25:21 GMT
The problem (in

If you supply a username but not a password, or a password but not a
username, dbcp ignores these values, and simply uses the URL to connect
to your database (even when defaults exist for the null values). This
means if I create a DriverManagerConnectionFactory with url, user and
pass of mydburl, myusername, null, it will try connect to mydburl using
default username and default password rather than myusername and default

The solution:
Allow the default username and password values to be used when one is
present but the other is not, as provided by the patch. Now I realise
default usernames/passwords are not ideal, but at the same time there's
no need to prevent this functionality from working (imho).


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