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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: [testutils] Is there any commons area for generic test code?
Date Thu, 10 Jun 2004 18:45:51 GMT
> AK> I'll kick start a little sandbox project for common test related code
> AK> shared across ASF projects.
> AK>
> AK> What shall we call it?  I figure 'test' is short and to the point.
> Yes. But I believe we must setup some kind of guide line, what we try to 
> include and what not. E.g. I also have a very simple http server in my test 
> package, because I had to test classes that encapsulate some kind of 
> client-side http-communication. While I see this as candidate, I would rather 
> not want someone to enhance this for multithreading support and so on ...

Np we'll manage the particulars along the way.  Take myself for
instance.  I have two measily classes at the moment.  One is an
exception and another extends JUnit TestCase to allow for testing
private methods and accessing private members.  This is not domain
specific code and can be used in any project.  

Eventually I might use attributes to generate test case code that
creates public conduit methods and accessors in test cases to test
private code.  This would make test code a lot cleaner.

Back on topic, I'm fine with guidelines. But I only have general ones at
the moment: 

 o I want to minimize dependencies avoiding them whenever possible.  
 o Keep things simple.  
 o This should not be an area for dumping project test code.  
 o Keep the amount of specificity low: meaning this is not where you 
   keep your test cases for testing an LDAP server or a cryptography
   library etcetera.  It should be for generic test utilities 
   in addition to junit used for writing unit tests, beta tests, 
   and stress tests 
 o Commons-test should be here for making your domain specific
   TestCases all that much easier to write while avoiding the 
   duplication of common testing and setup code.  

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