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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: [vfs][all]maven generated build file and conditional compilation
Date Mon, 07 Jun 2004 16:03:56 GMT
> gump.xml is the descriptor generated by "maven gump" IIRC.  Since
> Gump's support for Maven as a build tool is rather new, there probably
> is no automated way to generate a Gump descriptor from project.xml
> yet.

We've asked the Maven folks not to change the 'gump' goal *yet* (to produce
<maven instead of <ant) just incase we make changes. That said, running
'maven gump' ought give a gump.xml that is then easily tweaked (change <ant
to <maven, and target to goal -- or delete.)

> Take a look at the Gump descriptor of commons-id[1] to see how it
> would look with Maven instead of Ant.  I assume you'd just have to
> select the "correct" goal and a transition was easy.

Enough folks have asked. Note, this isn't fixed in stone:

> BTW, there is no reason to keep the descriptor outside of Gump's CVS
> module since all Apache committers have access to Gump.  The reason it
> is outside of Gump's module now IIRC is that it is generated and not
> hand-maintained and thus should be kept in sync with project.xml -
> which is easier if both are at the same place.

And if you move it in, we'll help you w/ maintenance if <maven ever changes.



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