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From "Stephen Colebourne" <>
Subject Re: [Validator] Collections dependencies
Date Tue, 08 Jun 2004 08:06:05 GMT
> > Actually, the removal of collections classes from validator will take a
> > bit longer.  We still have protected FastHashMap variables that need
> > to be
> > replaced with Maps.
> the collections packaged FashHashMap and it's dependencies are binary
> compatible (in 2.x and 3.x collections - actually, they are identical)
> and will be included as part of the next beanutils release.
> beanutils, validator and digester are in similar positions (and i
> suspect from craig's comments earlier that struts is also) they need
> the FastHashMap class (at least so that it can be deprecated) but they
> don't need the other classes which have changed. so, those classes they
> need will be included as part of the beanutils distribution.
> therefore, it will be possible to remove the collections dependency by
> upgrading to the upcoming beanutils. this will allow FastHashMap to be
> repackaged or removed (as appropriate) in due course after deprecation.

I am +1 to the removal of the [collections] dependency here. However I must
express caution at the implications of what seems to be described here.

The idea appears to be that [validator] will obtain its copy of FastHashMap
from [beanutils]. But this class will only be present in one release (1.7?)
of [beanutils] and after that my understanding is that it will be removed.
This would appear to be a very risky way of handling this, as you create a
new dependency hell between [validator] and one specific release of
[beanutils]. If I have understood correctly, I will -1 a valiator release

If the aim is to remove the [collections] depencency now, then FastHashMap
should be copied (no package rename) to [validator] too. However,
FastHashMap has not changed between [collections] 2.1 and 3.x, so perhaps
removing the dependency is not urgent?


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