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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject Re: [general] library management
Date Tue, 04 May 2004 11:55:48 GMT

[not really a direct answer of your email as I'm -0 to Commons creating
systems to create jar slices]

Tools to do such things to jars exist already I think from the Applet
days. I know I've written something that seemed to work for binaries but
had trouble with source [due to final variable inlining].

Personally I think that if project A needs Collection 2.0 and project B
needs Collection 3.0, then project A needs to get a release out.

This would be an advantage of some larger, managed by Commons, jar. It
would lag behind the releases of the minor components, much as SuSE ES and
Red Hat AS lag behind their desktop versions.

I'd expect:  Commons-J2SE.jar and Commons-J2EE.jar, the latter of which
allows things like commons-email and commons-modeler which [assuming] have
only dependencies on Commons and J2EE.


On Tue, 4 May 2004, Mario Ivankovits wrote:

> *) It should be possible to strip out only the needed classfiles out of
> the commons-project to create a new custom all-in-one.jar - right?
> *) If not - at least it should be possible to pack all needet jar files
> together.
> *) If a commons project has as dependency e.g. collections-2.0 in the
> project.xml while collections-3.0 is already out - there is (should be)
> no chance to bundle collections-3.0. Maybe the user could overrule this
> (and run into erros).
> But here i see a problem - what if one project (A) states
> collections-2.0 and another one (B) states collections-3.0 as their
> dependency. The user might have no chance to use both together.
> So beside something like pruner - a custom classloader might also be needet.
> Based on an configuration - it should know, if a class must be loaded
> from e.g collections-2.0.jar or collections-3.0.jar. So if project-A
> requested a collection it should load it from collections-2.0.jar else
> for project-B it uses collections-3.0.jar.
> I came to this if i think to upgrade to the new net-1.2 in vfs - what if
> one would like to use vfs and net-1.1 together. For sure - it might be
> no great action to upgrade to net-1.2 but for some reason it is not
> possible.
> It would be nice to be able to use net-1.2 with vfs ONLY! (there are
> some other dependencies which could conflict on the users machine -
> webdav??)
> For sure - this might only work as long as there is no reference about
> such a "sealed" class exported to the userspace. I am not sure, but this
> might often be the case.
> So i see two problems:
> 1) to create the smallest possible jar
> 2) to use multiple versions of the same class in one project
> -- Mario
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