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From "Phil Steitz" <>
Subject RE: [math] statistics performance boost
Date Tue, 18 May 2004 18:44:10 GMT
   To Phil, your suggested
> getSummary() method/bean would indeed solve my problem and give me even
> better performance.  (clone() was ~20x faster than the
> serialize/deserialize hack I was using.  This probably accounts for 2x
> of my overall 15x.)

This has been committed.
> 2. Change TTestImpl; the commons-discovery DiscoverClass.newInstance()
> was being called for every call to tTest.  This is not a cheap method.
> After #1, this method was taking up something like 17% of the runtime of
> my synthetic benchmark.  I created a method to lazily get the
> DistributionFactory and store it (transient) as a class attribute.
Ticket opened here:

> 3. Make ContinuedFraction.evaluate(...) iterative instead of recursive.
>  This gave me a 125% (2.25x) improvement in performance of this method.
>  I think I can optimize it further, hopefully not at the cost of
> readability.
If you have a patch, please open a ticket and submit it.
Thanks again for the feedback.
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