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From Paul Smith <>
Subject [vfs]: FileSystemManage.createFileSystem(FileObject)
Date Sun, 23 May 2004 07:37:51 GMT
Hi Ho,

I just have a simple question.  It appears that there is a method:

FileObject FileSystemManage.createFileSystem(FileObject)

Do I interpret this code that if I had a FileObject that was a remote Zip
file, that the returned FileObject would represent a 'directory' of the Zip

If this is the case I am hoping to add to Chainsaw v2's VFS plugin an
ability to 'mount' a new repository using a particular zip/jar etc.  In
Chainsaw terms this would display the zip/jar as a new repository icon in
the tree, and allow you to "browse" the contents of the zip like you would a

Is that the case?  <cross-fingers>true</cross-fingers>

If this is the case, is there some way through the
FileObject/FileSystemManager interfaces whether a particular FileObject is
able to be translated into a virtual FileObject?  Given any arbitary
FileObject, how can my code know whether this object could be mounted as a
virtualy file system root.


Paul Smith

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