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From Paul Smith <>
Subject RE: [vfs][Chainsaw]: Web start + external dependances + license=o uch
Date Tue, 18 May 2004 07:33:54 GMT
The idea of getting the user to drop in the 'other' jars into the lib/ext
one I had thought of, but wasn't sure whether that is generally a good idea.
I've got no idea.  Maybe.  I guess that's what the directory is there for,
but I gather we would need to fully inform the user in the documentation
that by doing this, they effectively trust the jar author as much as they do

Maybe we could go with that as a first phase and see how it goes.  That's my
only option at the moment.  

What's driving my own particular itch is to be able to get access to some
log files on a remote server, and the ONLY option I have is access via ssh,
so Jsch is what I need.


Paul Smith

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From: Mario Ivankovits
To: Jakarta Commons Developers List
Sent: 5/18/04 4:55 PM
Subject: Re: [vfs][Chainsaw]: Web start + external dependances +

Paul Smith wrote:

Cant say much about the licensing stuff, i am sure soneone else has more

knowledge on this story.

>So now I am in a catch-22, I am not allowed to host the external jars,
>can't access the jars from a separate URL code-base via Web Start.  So
>might be impossible to integrate into Chainsaw.
Why not integrate the possible jars thus the user could have http, ftp, 
webdav and local.
Those users who would like to use smb or sftp could use a local Chainsaw

installation and put the needet jars in their classpath.
vfs doesnt need those libraries, it simply do not load the provider.

Even if not nice, anoter solution could be to assist the user to put 
those jars manually into the java lib directory - then a webstart 
application should be able to use them?

>So VFS might be impossible to integrate into Chainsaw.
Not using vfs might not solve the licensing problem - if there is a 
licensing problem, you couldnt use these external libraries anyway.
However, i dont know much about WebStart so maybe you see a technical 
reason why this could not work.

-- Mario

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