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From "Mark R. Diggory" <>
Subject Re: [math][proposal] Drop serialization from selected classes
Date Mon, 24 May 2004 20:44:12 GMT
Phil Steitz wrote:

>Since implementing Serializable requires that all subclasses also implement serializable
and that care be taken to ensure backward serialization compatability, my view is that we
should implement Serializable iff there is a reason to do so, not by default for all classes.
This is not true, you only have to implement serializable in your 
subclass if you want to support serialization, there is no requirement 
that you are forced to do so because the parent class implements it. It 
is completely transparent to the user in this reguard.

>I am interested in others' views on this.   Maybe I am missing something, but I see no
value in implementing Serializable for factories, abstract classes, utility classes and such.
Yes, I'll agree for abstracts, its not really neccessary, it was more a 
practice on my part to confirm that they were truly serializable. I also 
agree its probibly not very important for factories, but its a 
no-brainer, effects very little in terms of source code and performance 
and is a very simple thing to maintain. Arguing that this creates all 
kinds of headaches is really a "Red Herring". I spent an hour on it this 
afternoon and can confidently state that our API can easily support it 
without headaches to anyone. Removing it only steps on peoples toes in 
the long run.

-1 on removing Serialization Interfaces.


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>	From: Mark R. Diggory [] 
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>	Subject: Re: [math][proposal] Drop serialization from selected classes
>	Just to give an update, I generated serialversionUID's for all the
>	current Serializable classes in the src/java directory for which they
>	were absent. I'm just waiting on our clarifying the decision prior
>	committing everything. I am currently working on a serialization
>	solution for the ValueServer/EmpiricalDistribution classes.
>	-Mark
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