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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject [math] Getting 1.0 out the door -- tasks remaining
Date Wed, 12 May 2004 05:43:04 GMT
I am going to try to complete the missing users guides sections by the end 
of this week.  I will also rename and move the BeanList stuff (which has 
been fixed) and commit the reworked and expanded continuous distribution 
tests (similar to what I committed earlier this week for discrete)  By my 
reckoning, that leaves only the following to do before we can cut a beta / 
RC (I would prefer to start with a beta):

1) Decide what to do about inverse cumulative probabilities where p = 1 
(easy solution is to document and throw)

2) Decide what, if anything to do about the root-finding interfaces.  I am 
OK releasing as is.

3) Add SummaryStatisticsBean?  Any other improvements / renaming / 
refactoring of the beleaguered univariate statistics classes?

4) Decide what to do about RealMatrix rank.  Only reasonable solution at 
this point appears to be to drop it from the interface.  Alternatively, we 
could drop the interface altogether, possibly replacing with a factory 
pattern.  This last raises the dodgy issue of API consistency throughout 
commons-math.  More would be better, but would lead to more work ;-)

5) Get a last round of feedback on APIs, last pass through tests and javadoc.

6) Decide whether or not to add BigDecimalMatrix.

Am I missing anything?


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