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From Ted Husted <>
Subject Re: jakarta news page not updating re commons-net 1.2 release
Date Sun, 02 May 2004 13:10:35 GMT
I checked out site2 and the page looks the same as the one that is posted now. 

If you've made changes to site2, you need to check those changes back into the site2 repository.

(Or send me a patch and I'll apply it later today.)


On Sun, 02 May 2004 06:40:18 -0500, Steve Cohen wrote:
> I pushed through the release of commons-net 1.2 yesterday.  I
> completed all the steps mentioned in
>, in
> particular, step 13:
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> ---- Follow standard procedures to update the Jakarta web site
> (stored in CVS repository jakarta-site2) to reflect the
> availability of the new release). ..
> If you have an account on daedalus, log in and update the web site.
> (If not, you'll need to ask on commons-dev or general@jakarta.)
>> cd /www/
>> cvs up index.html site
> Check the live site. (The mirrors may or may not be in synch just
> yet.) --------------------------------------------------------------
> ---------- I checked immediately after completing this step and my
> changes appeared to have immediately taken effect at
> Later, just out of curiosity, I checked again.  The page seemed to
> have reverted to its earlier content.  Since then I have looked
> several times and my changes are not there.
> Going back over the directions, it appears that my mistake was that
> I didn't do all this cvs-ing on daedalus, but on
> So that the mirroring process wiped out my changes on the site soon
> after they were uploaded.
> Now, trying to check out the latest from cvs onto daedalus, I find
> that I cannot actually log onto this machine.  I believe that if
> someone logs onto daedalus and does
>> cd /www/
>> cvs up index.html site
> the site will be updated.
> Can someone with rights to this machine please do that?
> Thanks.

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