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From John M <>
Subject [sql] [patch] sql server improvments, fix for prior patch
Date Mon, 24 May 2004 22:56:49 GMT
Yeah, I understand the test part - thought I had a
properties file for the connection but no way to
control that from the build.  But I also think that
the ant task modifications for allowing alter were not
merged.  I don't remember anything I did to maven.xml.
 All the stuff for MS SQL Server in this patch is new.
 I will try to get that to Bugzilla soon.


John M wrote:
> I had previously submitted a patch for the sql
> project, and it was finally accepted, sort of. It
> seems only part of the patch was merged. I have
> included the other parts that didn't make it before,
> as well as some fixes for SQL Server DDL generation
> that I discovered while working on a new project
> it. Alas, some of the changes in the patch are mere
> whitespace changes, but I didn't feel like trying to
> undo all of those.

Please submit your patches to bugzilla.

If I remember the patches you submitted before
correctly, there were
reasons that I left pieces out.  There were some tests
that connected
to a local mysql database, which just won't work on
everyone's machine.
There also was some maven.xml magic that I didn't view
as necessary.
I'll try to take another look at those parts, to make
sure I didn't
misunderstand something.

Unfortunately, I think I'm the only person who is
involved with [sql] these
days, and I've been struggling to find time to get it
moved over to the
db-commons.  This is something that I've been wanting
to do since
the fall.  So, bear with me -- I'm not sure when I'll
get to commit these.

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