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From Brent Verner <>
Subject Re: [configuration] request for comments on refactoring
Date Tue, 18 May 2004 22:52:24 GMT
[2004-05-18 17:23] Emmanuel Bourg said:
| Brent Verner wrote:
| >  CURL - entry point for loading configurations.  basically,
| >         a CURL is a primitive URL-like object takes a 
| >         Configuration URL, i.e.,
| >            file:/path/to/file.${EXTENSION}
| >            res:/path/to/file.${EXTENSION}
| >            jdbc:${JDBC_URL} [1]
| >            jndi:${JNDI_URL} [1]
| >          and instantiates w "handler" to actually manage the
| >          requested configuration.  I _think_ I'd like for
| >  UndefinedHandlerException - thrown when CURL handler is not found
| >  ??? [other bits from commons-configuration that should be here]
| And what about delegating the configuration access job to [vfs] instead 
| ? [configuration] + [vfs] looks like a powerful combination.

After looking at [vfs], I'm not sure which parts of it would be
used to implement the key/value nature of a Configuration; maybe
only the setAttribute/getAttribute bits?

In any case, I'm gonna finish my originally planned refactoring 
and then we can discuss what else should be refactored before
calling this round of refactoring complete.  We can always decide
to refactor the ConfigurationProvider impls to use [vfs] at a later
date if there appears to be a positive return on the effort.


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