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From "Abey Mullassery" <>
Subject Re: [New Proposal] An Imaging wrapper package
Date Fri, 07 May 2004 05:26:27 GMT

Thanks for the pointers and the suggestions.

If there is a need for loading and saving images in various projects already wouldn't it be
a good idea to create a common package. The primary goal of the package I proposed was to
make it simple. All the feedback I get from the users of PMIW lauds this very point.
I had plans of including a simple wrapper for SVG operations as well but I thought it would
force the package to do too many things and lose focus. 

Please add your comments and suggestions. 
If you think that we need to redefine the scope before the can think about including it in
the commons, we could do that as well.
Can this be included into a similar project that is now in the proposal stage (like XML-Graphics)?
If you think that Jakarta-commons is not the right place for this package, please suggest
another place. Would Apache-commons be a better place?. How about 

My aim was to make the package (that supports Image Taglibs and Image Tasks and being used
directly) a public project so that many more can contribute and will have much more functionality
and feedback.

Eagarly waiting for your thoughts.

Abey Mullassery

> ------------Original Message------------
> From: Jeremias Maerki <>
> To: "Jakarta Commons Developers List" <>, "Abey Mullassery"
> Date: Fri, May-7-2004 1:19 AM
> Subject: Re: [New Proposal] An Imaging wrapper package
> Hmm, images. A never ending story.
> I'm a committer in the Apache FOP project where we also have our own
> wrapper for a number of image sources. We only have to load images so
> FOP's needs are more simple than what you propose, although in certain
> aspects the requirement will probably go beyond what you propose. Have a
> look at FOP's image package:
> In my barcode package ( I also need an
> image API wrapper (write-only):
> Apache Batik needs to load images, too. Batik and FOP are about to move
> closer together (codename "XML Graphics") and may eventually share some
> basic components in the future of which image API adapters could be one.
> And finally, there still is the desire for a BSD-style licensed image
> codec library. I get to hear that from time to time although nothing
> like this has started, yet, here within the ASF.
> Personally, I'm intrigued by your proposal although my priorities
> wouldn't allow for a lot of participation on such an endeavour.
> Furthermore, I'm not sure if Jakarta Commons is the right place for this,
> crowded as it is already (IMHO).
> Just a few random thoughts and pointers....
> On 06.05.2004 13:45:17 Abey Mullassery wrote:
> > Proposal for Imaging Wrapper Package
> <snip/>
> Jeremias Maerki

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