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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: [collections] new snapshot to ibiblio
Date Fri, 14 May 2004 13:36:24 GMT

> At this point I'm not sure what is correct. I only know that the efforts
> up to this point are to enable gump to use maven to accomplish a nightly
> build of a mavenized project, in which case you have an opportunity to
> control some of the dependencies when your project is integrated via the
> same mechanisms Maven is providing to you on the command line.

Gump currently invokes Maven providing it with jar overrides from Gump
produced jars (it also sets it 'offiline', to ensure control). So, for me,
the question becomes -- what jars does Gump use (see below).

> Also, I'm not sure why you would want to fix your dependency to a
> specific snapshot release date when you the latest snapshot may be
> available to you via Gump/Maven. If you needed to rely on a specific
> version of a dependency, it would in my opinion, be a major release of
> that jar and not a dated snapshot.

We've been discussing cases where we try to pick 'the very latest that
works', in cases where CVS HEAD doesn't work. (Trying to get 600 or so
projects all to work correctly at one point (allowing for real world API
shifts, aka progess/clean-up) is like star alignment ... not seen in many
folks lifetimes. ;-) As such, I could (personally) see a dated snapshot
available to be used.

> What I am saying is that you either base your development on the
> bleeding edge (SNAPSHOT) or a stable release (x.x), not on a possibly
> outdated and unstable dated or nightly build. This is what we are trying
> to break away from by getting the nightlies off of ibiblio and into a
> separate Repository.

I differ slightly from Stefan here, although I think we agree in principle.
I think that Gump ought maintain an ASF-format repository (probably closed
only to Gump, or those who know it is Gumped) so that it can go and gather
'the very latest that works'. I could see that we could try to automate
this, and/or we could cooperate with humans (via metadata) to give a hint.



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