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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: [VFS]: Integration - too early?
Date Fri, 14 May 2004 13:13:41 GMT
> >* Is VFS still in a state of flux?
> >
> >
> Well - quite some time not much happened in VFS - i picked it up now and
> try to implement what ever comes in my head.

Awesome! As a long time user of VFS (first Ruper, now Depot), this is great
news. VFS is nicely done, and it'd be a real a shame to be without it.

BTW: Depot is the only dependency on Gump that claims usage of VFS (and it'd
be nice to see more):

> >* Does VFS have a feature to dynamically detect which file systems are
> >'available'?
> Yes

Could you make it not log at a WARNING level if it doesn't find something?
Depot has Ant tasks that create the file systems (each run), and the ant
build log is horribly poluted with insignificant things (about semi-obscure
protocols). [I got so frustrated with this not being changed (I reported a
year or more ago) I tried writting this myself, avoiding the
StabdardFileSystem. Technically the API wouldn't allow me to safely do it &
I had to limp back, tail between legs. Would you want me to enter a change
request for this?

Also, last time Depot ran (using VFS) on Gump it crashed when VFS tried to
set a null into HttpClient as a username (not behaviour the user can
control, it seems). I posted here about it, and either need to know how to
set a user (couldn't see it) or some fix/workaround. [I found it odd that
VFS unit tests pass]. Would you want a Bugzilla report on this? [BTW: When
Gump next runs Depot over VFS the output ought be here (below) and ought
show the stack trace.]

Finally, thanks for stepping up to VFS, I look forward to your progress with
baited breath. :-)



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