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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: [GUMP@brutus]: jakarta-commons/commons-logging failed
Date Mon, 17 May 2004 20:24:34 GMT
I know logger know this better than I, but in case quick answer help w/

> i am more than a little confused about this whole issue. i've taken a
> look in cvs and priority still seems to be in existence (and
> undeprecated). when i looked at the gump record for sunday,
> common-logging seems to have passed. can someone please either explain
> where the log4j changes are and when the failure occurred?

The issues isn't wether Priority exists, so much as the called method. It
now take Level only, the Priority version of the method has been removed.
[BTW: This has (I am told) been deprecated for 2 years, so this really is
somewhat overdue.)

BTW: Whilst waiting for C-L to address this problem I let Gump build C-L on
log4j 1.2, temporarily. That is no longer the case, you'll see failures in
future Gump outputs (w/o a change).

> (as for the suggested patch) i'd be very unhappy about committing a
> patch which broke backwards compatibility with the most common versions
> of log4j (especially this close to a release). in fact, i'd probably
> think about vetoing any such change. there are a number of important
> upcoming releases who would be directly effected by these changes as
> well as a very large number of users of these releases who would be
> forced to upgrade.

I beleive that it won't break compatibility any log4j within the last 2
years, because the alternate method has been there. If true, is that
acceptable enough? Change has to be allow to occur, and this seems as smooth
a transition as possible.



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