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From "Martin Cooper" <>
Subject Re: [validator] Releases
Date Tue, 06 Apr 2004 16:29:41 GMT

"Stephen Colebourne" <> wrote in message
> I came to use validator today and found that the
> latest release available to download seemed to be
> 1.0.2, even though the javadocs pointed at 1.1.3 and
> maven has a 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 jar. I note a release vote
> for 1.1.2, is that going to tidy this up ;-)

Yes, this is confusing, and messed up, and needs to be sorted out. ;-)

We have been operating under a modified Tomcat-style release process, which
involves making releases available as test builds and only later deciding on
whether or not they are strong enough to be "official" Apache releases. The
votes you've seen are an attempt to make the process we are using comply
with the slightly different process used by most other Commons components

The reason that we have adopted this slightly different process is because
of the usage pattern of Validator. Probably 99% of the people using
Validator today are using it via Struts. So, to maximise the feedback we get
on any given Validator build, it needs to be made available with Struts.
Using a Tomcat-style release process allows us to build a release and then,
after it has had some usage within Struts applications, determine whether or
not it is strong enough to become an "official" release.

Part of the confusion you note is caused by the lack of a good place to put
these not-quite-official releases. To date, these have been located in
either Rob Leland's or my public_html directories. Since they are
technically test builds until otherwise reclassified, it didn't seem right
to be putting them up on the mirrors for general availability.

Of course, any suggestions for improving all of this would be very welcome.

> Also, the 1.1.2 RC cannot be built by maven, as it
> depends on commons-build. This is a general problem,
> but one you may want to hack if you're doing a build
> right now.

The 1.1.2 build was completed before this breakage occurred. ;-) As noted in
the original vote thread, it is available here:

Martin Cooper

> Stephen

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