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From Michael Heuer <>
Subject Re: [collections] Size and scope issues
Date Thu, 22 Apr 2004 19:40:49 GMT

On Thu, 22 Apr 2004, Stephen Colebourne wrote:

> Its always good to see the opposing points of view ;-) Thanks for all
> feedback.
> Following this discussion I did a search around the web to try and find
> references to collections causing a problem by its size. I didn't really
> find any, but that doesn't prove anything.
> The appserver point is part of what jakarta is about, and dropping in a
> library should not result in concerns over size. On the other hand, projects
> like beanutils and digester which used one collection each are quite correct
> to terminate the dependency and cut and paste.
> One point I should make is that commons frequently gets requests to release
> everything as one jar. Finding the right component size is always tricky. I
> would argue collections is about right. The biggest query is really over the
> functors, but thats a long story - see the mail archives for the pain that
> they were.
> I would also argue against having a collections-all and collection-part
> release strategy. Its all too easy to mess up and to have an old
> collections-all blocking a newer collections-part.

I agree.

> Finally, half the problem with size in collections comes from the Sun
> interfaces. Map especially requires an awful lot of classes to implement,
> and that takes up space ;-)
> I will go and have a look to see if anything can be done to trim space. Who
> knows, there may be something simple!

Perhaps some of the classes in [collections] could be presented as a JSR
for inclusion in the JDK at some later date.  That might cut the size of
the jar some.  :)


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