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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: Commons server infrastructure proposal
Date Mon, 12 Apr 2004 14:06:30 GMT
> What I would like to know is are there any need and will to
> support [what] can be seen as a generic server side component.

> It will based on NIO, and it will have plain socket, SSL, and
> a generic channel support(Pipes and ByteBuffers), so that
> communication doesn't necessary has to came from the wire, but
> rather from any data source.

> Making a generic infrastructure for a wide variety of
> server-like applications like http/ftp/mail servers,
> reverse proxies, load balancers, clusters, game servers, etc.

That was a goal of Avalon, and for the same reason as your stated purpose:
"I found myself writing over and over again some things that if properly
designed could spare me lots of time."

Also, Geronimo is built on a micro-kernel implementing JSRs 77 and 88, and
should be suitable, although it would want some work to make it easily to
repurpose for other projects.  I've long encouraged them to depend upon
Jakarta Commons implementations, and would like to see stronger ties there.
When a project complains that a Jakarta Commons package has issues, I would
rather see them bring the issues up, and have them addressed, than have the
project looking elsewhere for solutions.

Lastly, Alex has already written some of the NIO framework for the Directory
project.  The Directory project started out using Avalon, and still does at
lower levels, but changed direction to be container independent.  Its core
classes are plain old Java objects (POJO), implementing just their desired
behavior.  There are adapters to bridge between the container and the POJO.
Currently, Merlin adapters are provided.  Geronimo wrappers will also be

	--- Noel

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