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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: Commons server infrastructure proposal
Date Mon, 12 Apr 2004 19:37:18 GMT
> you said that the Geronimo can be the lead, but I doubt that it would
> provide the hookable protocol stack.

AFAIK, you're wrong, but you should discuss it with them.

> Generally what I'd like to do is to make the generic server
> infrastructure that will inherently have SSL support and will
> be able to group the servers together.

I would like to see us all collaborate on one mutually satisfactory solution
to the space described by:

> It will have at least couple of things like physical layer, threadpool,
> workers, connection hooks, protocol actors and most importantly it will
> not be bound to the tcp/ip protocol stack, so that one can build embedded
> servers just defining different physical communication layer.

When I discussed this thread with the Geronimo folks, they said "That is our
same goal."  They have extended an invite to work on making their code fill
this need.  I think that it is at least worth discussing the possibility of
one project rather than another re-invention.

>From a chat with the Geronimo team today: "The Geronimo contains an IOC
(dependency injection) micro-kernel which provides only basic wiring of
services and life cycle management.  Everything else in geronimo is provided
by manageable services called GBeans.  I/O is handled by the GBeans in
network modules and thread pooling is provided by the work manager GBean,
which comes from the J2EE Connector specification.  The network module is a
layered protocol architecture based on xinetd.  The network protocol
handlers are contained in other modules.  Alan Cabrera and David Blevins
designed the network layer."

	--- Noel

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